No deposit bonuses

What are no deposit bonuses?

These are free bonuses given by casinos to players. Free in the sense that the player does not have to make any cash deposits to qualify for these bonuses and can play for free. This type of promotion is especially common in online games, where casino platforms compete fiercely to captivate users.

Deposit-Free Bonus Types

Cash Bonuses

The cash bonus is a real money equivalent promotion so you can play on the platform without having to deposit money. Prices vary by casino or occasion and may be a limited offer. Players must be aware of the conditions of the offer; It is usually necessary to multiply the bonus amount by several times in order to raise the value of a bonus of this kind.

Free Spins

Known in English as “free spins” or “free spins”, “free spins” are specific promotion of slot games. The player will be entitled to a few rounds in one or more slot games without spending money. This offer, in addition to being used by the house to promote a particular game or to captivate new players, can also be used as an “alternative” prize for certain combinations, giving the player the ability to play again for free instead of a prize in money.

Free play

Some casinos offer “free play”, which is very similar to the cash bonus. Normally, the amount of money that is offered as free play should be used within a limited time, sometimes as short as 30 minutes. It’s register and start playing! Winnings resulting from this type of bonus are usually subject to the specific Terms and Conditions for these offers.

Cashback Bonus

If bets result in losses, the casino may take the “initiative” to compensate the player for a portion of them. Cashback can offset a weekly or monthly loss, and the percentage that is returned may also vary; it all depends on the casino in question. Typically, what is common to all cash back bonuses is the fact that you do not need to deposit money to qualify for them.

No Deposit Bonus Codes

The casino may offer codes to enable the player to activate the promotion. This is a more frequent form of activation as the casino uses the code not only to associate a particular player account with the promotion but also to apply the respective conditions. For example, the offer may only be valid for a particular game, and through the code the player can make their account, by placing bets on that game, receive the respective promotion.

How can I enable codes?

Activating the codes is quite simple. The key is to have a player account created on the platform (register with username, password and other requirements requested by the casino) and enter the code when requested. Some online casinos may ask the player to contact Customer Support for the codes; In addition, if necessary, Customer Support can explain how to insert.

Do all no deposit bonuses have a code?

Not necessarily. Some casinos may simply give you the chance to take advantage of such a bonus and just click to accept and then any code will be added automatically. It will all depend on the software used and the rules of each particular casino.

As we mentioned, what is always required is that the player has a registered account. Only in this way can the casino associate the game with a particular person and create the possibility to register deposits and award prizes, in accordance with the law and to safeguard users. From there, the way to award a free bonus may vary.

Сan I withdraw my free bonus money from a casino operating in Africa?

Certainly! However, before you can withdraw your earnings, you may have to meet certain requirements. The payment methods used to make withdrawals differ, depending on the casino. Often, for example, bonus winnings must be multiplied several times over the amount of the respective bonus used to play in order to be withdrawn. It is also possible that bonuses are only valid for slot machines, not for other games.

The player should always read the applicable Terms and Conditions to ensure that they play responsibly and knowledgeable.

What if for some reason I don’t want to accept a free bonus?

If, upon reading the Terms and Conditions, you find that you prefer to play for your own money and do not use the bonus, you will certainly not be obliged to! Licensed casinos in Africa  should not oblige a player to accept a bonus if they do not wish to. In any case, bonuses are designed to give the user an extra offer, so you should not feel uncomfortable.

Play at authorized online casinos

For some players, free bonuses are reminiscent of the popular proverb: “When alms are big, the poor are suspicious.” However, this is a common practice of online casinos, namely legal platforms and duly licensed to operate in African countries. Remember that for your safety and protection, you should always prefer casino gaming platforms that act in accordance with the law. They are the ones that stand out in our portal.